New work wear that takes you day to night!

Shirt: Spijkers en Spijkers, Trousers: Topshop,

Do you have a after work date? Think smart before you pick what you wear for work or else you would be running around with that extra carry on bag and hunting for toilets for outfit change. I think I painted the picture pretty good. Well, we all have been there! It would have saved us so much effort if we just picked our day look smartly and just turned it around with few touch ups to going out look.

If you have the right foundation you can work with it. For summers a nice wrap skirts or a colour trousers will do the trick. When you ready to hit the town later just throw your hair into cool high knot, add some statement earrings,  untuck your shirt or even open few buttons down for casual summer look. And here you have it!

Sita ❤