Amsterdam through my lens!

Pants:Topshop, Shoes: Nike, Sunglasses: Celine, Coat: H&M

Good morning lovers!

So for the last weeks we have been secretly working on our new website, which is almost ready to be out next week! Do you know that feeling when you too excited to share and don’t know where to start? Yep… sort of feeling that way!

With all the madness going, here we are showing you another day in the dam. I feel the city is divided between the locals and the tourist. In fact there are some parts of the city where you almost never find a local hanging out unless they are visiting for some sort of work or happen to be working in that area. So in the coming weeks we will take you down these streets and share our story about how we feel about them. The notorious alleys of Amsterdam! During the day they look so quiet and hidden. And somehow they are very popular by night. Go check out the thinnest alleys on the red-light street and you know what we are talking about!


New work wear that takes you day to night!

Shirt: Spijkers en Spijkers, Trousers: Topshop,

Do you have a after work date? Think smart before you pick what you wear for work or else you would be running around with that extra carry on bag and hunting for toilets for outfit change. I think I painted the picture pretty good. Well, we all have been there! It would have saved us so much effort if we just picked our day look smartly and just turned it around with few touch ups to going out look.

If you have the right foundation you can work with it. For summers a nice wrap skirts or a colour trousers will do the trick. When you ready to hit the town later just throw your hair into cool high knot, add some statement earrings,  untuck your shirt or even open few buttons down for casual summer look. And here you have it!

Sita ❤

What you wear is how you feel?

Hoodie: Wood Wood Champion, White vinyl pants:Topshop, Sunglasses: Mister Spex

Streets, edgy, comfy and bit of colour. This outfit is one of my personal favourite! Sometimes it doesn’t take much to put an amazing outfit together. All you need is cool pair of pants, nice heels and of course some colours. And yes don’t forget to accessorise. Here I choose to look like an phone addict or maybe I am?

Sita ❤

Go sit on a cactus!

Scarf: Chanel, Sunglasses: Fendi, T-shirt: Pick & weight, Shoes: Nike  Lace shorts: Zara

Who else is a fan of cactus? We think they are weird and cool at the same time. So when we found out about this amazing location we had to plan ourself a play date in this cacti land. Luckily it turned out to be a really warm day which made us feel like we were stuck in middle of cacti desert. Haha… maybe exaggerating a bit… But hope you get my drift.  Beautiful clashing colours and surrounded by cactus we had such a great time shooting these images. I hope you enjoy as much as we did.

Sita ❤

Clashing prints. Clashing color.

Blouse: Zara, Skirt: Vintage, Bag: Furla, Shoes: Nike Cortez

Color clashing is a new trend that’s here to stay. We are absolute fan about this trend! After trying few combinations, our favourite is… Bright red with pink. Summer and bright colours go hand in hand. So don’t be afraid to try on this combination.

As you may know by now. We are absolute suckers for prints. So we decided to clash our favourite strips and floral together! Sometimes go with the feeling of what feels right for you.

Sita ❤

I found the best floral dress!

Dress: Berlin Vintage store, Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs, Shoes: Nike, Watch: Fossil

This summer there is no room for escaping florals and bright colours. Honestly, I am happy to see people embrace this new trend. But on the other hand it’s no fun seeing room full of Zara floral suits, kimonos and dresses. So instead I went with something Vintage. When I went into his vintage store I knew exactly what I was looking for. Maxi, big prints and good fit. Sometimes it is really hard to find good vintage fitted clothes however I was very lucky with this dress! It was just meant to be!

Sita ❤

What to wear for summer wedding? Wedding guest outfit!

Blouse: Mango , Skirt: Topshop , Glasses: Marc Jacobs , watch:Fossi

This is not a campaign. Well, as much as this outfit may look like Dolce and Gabbana Girl campaign it’s definitely missing all the drama and crowd. As you can tell I was definitely inspired! So Are you attending any summer wedding? South of France, Santorini or somewhere in the Italian Paradise. Here is what I would wear to one of these magical places.

Rule no 1. Ditch the dress and go for skirts or pants. I have always loved lace and especially if it comes in of midi length. Keeping it elegant yet sexy! Oh summer, I am ready to kiss the frog!

Sita ❤

Drop it like it’s Hot

Dress: Topshop , Shoes: Nike , Jacket: Limited edition Nike bomber , Bag: Second hand vintage Chanel,

This summer we are wearing more dresses than ever before. So far it definitely feels like the best summer in Holland. Well, let’s not jinx it. Well, on this very hot day I honestly didn’t need that bomber jacket. I wanted it because it added some pop of color to my white/silver tones. And if you know how to wear a jacket like”Drop it like it’s hot” than you can sure wear any jacket around summer. One shoulder jacket is kind of my thing at the minute.

Sita ❤

New Red Flare pants alert!

Pants: Topshop, Blouse: Boutique, Earrings: Personal collection

Wide pants, long sleeves and a bit of under boobs we have created new sexy. Trousers are sure our thing. I have worn them in so many different ways. Well, day look is all about down dressing with an easy factor. However, going out version of these pants can be very different. You can either go all out and heels, crop top and accessories. Or you can add heels, printed tee! It really depends on the occasion and what it calls for. So now it’s your call… Love it. OR Hate it.

Sita ❤

Keeping it Floral!


Blouse: Topshop, Belt: Vintage, Jeans: Topshop Boutique

Summer brings unexpected plans, dinner dates, park chills and festival time. I have always been a big fan of tea dresses and maxi. However this season I am very much into going out tops and blouses. Summer in Amsterdam doesn’t necessarily mean all-time sunshine. Some days you just have to put on your jeans so you don’t freeze your ass. If this is the case than I would let the top be crazy floral or summery as hell! I mean 5 years ago If you asked me to take a light jacket for summer evening I would be like “Shut Up!”  But over the years dutch weather has thought me the importace of summer light jacket!

Sita ❤