You can never have enough lip butter!




Style tone  box for the month of August, Sunglasses by Topshop

Good morning lovers,

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I Am back with another post and a small flat-lay of products I love at the minute. StyleTone is such a bundle of surprise. Every month they hand pick and put together this amazing new products to create their monthly box.

No matter what season we are in, I always have chapped lips. I bet as a women most of you would have done something similar. I actually own so many of these chap sticks but somehow still manage to lose them. First of all, each of the handbags will have one of these as a mandatory beauty product. That one day when you have the worst case of chapped lips you end up taking a bag that doesn’t have one. Haha… happens to me all the time. You can never have enough lip butter 😉 Obviously, my favourite out of the box is the Ellovi – Tinted lip butter and Rosy Cheeks gel.

Sita ❤


Do you want to take running seriously this Spring? Beginners guide to choosing the right running gear!








Running shoes Nike,Sports bra Nike, Shorts Nike,  Wireless headphones Jaybird Sport, Long sleeve shirt Nike,

Good morning lovers,

It’s been a long time since my last fitness post, so today I am sharing some of my essentials for running. I love running outdoor during spring. Spring is so special, it’s natures way of saying let’s party. The rain brings the life back to plants and soon it’s all lush green around

                        ” Anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness has never run in the rain”

Since spring is all about running for us, we decided to share some of our favourite running essential. If you want to take running seriously then it’s very important to invest into proper running gear. During my days off I like to go for long distance run… 10KM or more. So my feet needs all the support and cushioning to prevent injury and henance performance. Last month I treated myself to Nike Zoom Vomero 11, I am so happy with them. They are perfect for outdoor long runs and give great cushioning and support.

Spring is kinda of in between weather, not too cold nor too hot. So I have to be carefully what I wear. Extra layers might feel comfortable in the beginning but after a mile it could be a burden and slow you down. I am in love with my long sleeve shirt., It’s perfect for almost every weather. During winter I like to wear a jacket over it, but for slightly warmer days just the shirt is enough. It keeps me super warm and dry. The Dri-Fit fabric evaporates liquids super fast, keeping you nice and dry through out your run. Spring means lots of unexpected showers, I highly recommend to use Nike Dri-Fit as it’s engineered to soak sweat and water and evaporate faster.

So all you beginners what are you waiting for? Get your gear and get running!

Wishing you all a happy Easter weekend.

Sita ❤

All black everything!






Black skinny jeans by Topshop, Sneaker boots by Nike, Bomber jacket by Topshop, White tee by Zara

Hola lovers,

Are you surprised to see me in this all black outfit? Well, me too! Working with fun team also means that  we plan our outfit for the next day. Few months ago  we decided to wear all black outfit on a saturday, who doesn’t like black? Honestly, I Love twining but I had my doubts for all black everything. I was a bit afraid that I might be missing this colour in my closet. Well, you must be wondering how difficult this could be… throw on black jeans+black tee=done.

Guess what, I ended up not being in the picture. I am not ashamed to say this but I only had one pair of  black jeans and I hated them. Since I do not like the way they fit, they have been laying around untouched for years This might  sound a bit weird but I realised I am not a big fan of all black everything after all. Any ways, thank god for this day I realised I need a good pair of black skinny jeans. I wasn’t sure if this Topshop Joni jeans were my cup of tea. Well, I am so glad I choose wisely and I choose them! They are super high wasted, super stretchy, ankle grazer and very comfortable. I love them so much. They are the prefect fit to dress down or dress up!

Lovers, if you struggling to find that perfect fitted jeans then go try Topshop Joni and thank me later 😉

Sita ❤

winter skin care essentials


Winter can only mean one thing, freaking cold. With dropping temperatures and humidity plunging low, this weather leaves our skin dry and itchy. Normal moisturiser is not good enough to protect and nourish your skin. I don’t know about you but during winter I like to moisturise my body at least twice a day. Dry skin can also be super annoying and cause more complications like cracked and inflammation.

I still remember my first winter in Europe. I was so cold and lazy all the time. Haha… Growing up in the tropical, I didn’t know what to expect. I struggled the first 2 months to figure out my beauty regime to suit the weather. I ended up trying lots of different products — herbal oils, vegan/organic creams, body butter, moisturising foundation etc etc…  When you have difficult skin like mine – sensitive, oily and dry. It might take some time to find the right products. Out of my own experience, I learnt that a little hope and patience could finally get you there. Its usual for your skin to react initially. Don’t freak out. Instead give your skin some time to get use to the new brand. Don’t expect instant results and follow a consistent routine.

I still thank that day when I was first introduced to this brand. Forest Essential takes the holistic approach to beauty care and uses the traditional method of Ayurveda. There products are  based on organic pressed oils, which are 100% free from arabens, Petroleum, GMO, Formaldehyde, PEGS, artificial colour synthetic fragrance and animal testing


  1. Velvet silk body cream: This body butter is a real miracle. This is perfect for someone with dry skin. It’s particularly hard to find a good moisturiser for a dry skin that is non greasy. This body butter is very nourishing, absorbs quickly leaving your skin smooth and silky. Best thing about this is it’s non greasy and keeps my skin nourished for long. This cream also helped lighten my stretch  marks. So, If you are a fitness freak like me and are prone to stretch marks, than this body cream is a blessing.

Forest Essential – I hope you do more sizes in them. I particularly would like a bigger tub since I tend to use a lot.


Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir: This cream is light and yet very hydrating. Also provides protection against winter sun and has anti ageing properties. I have been using this cream for almost 2 years and I am very happy with it. During winter you could use few drops with your foundation and apply on the face. This keeps my skin hydrated longer and helps prevent skin flaking.

Sanjeevani herb is also mentioned in Ramayan read all about it Click here


Sugared rose petal lip balm: Do you fancy kissable lips during winter? Sugared rose petal lip balm is so nourishing and yet very delicious. This little jar is everything to me!


Click the link to see the prices and Shop

Keep warm and snuggle up!